Border Security

There is no country if borders do not exist. It is not fair that just because other countries have issues that America accept every person with open arms. Illegal entry is against the law and those people should be returned to the last point of entrance. What happens to them is not our responsibility and something they should have thought about before starting the criminal offense. If they want to enter America, legally, there are already avenues to make that happen.
With unprotected borders, criminal street gang members, terrorists, killers, drug cartel and sex offenders are free to cause mayhem in our cities. We see this happening every day, and much worse under the Biden Administration.
Each person who enters illegally is costing taxpayers money, costing Americans jobs, and using our vital resources, such as water and roads. While we have compassion for others, America’s job is not the protection of every person in the world. There must be individual accountability and those trying to break the law should know the ramifications; deportation, or incarceration (then deportation).
Our border patrol agents are heroes to defend our great country and we need to support them, as well as Immigration Control & Enforcement (ICE), and local police to work with those agencies.
Activist groups exist that want every illegal immigrant to be granted citizenship even though people have been waiting for years to go through the process the right way. Fast tracked citizenship is primarily pushed because 80+% of people from Latin America think they should vote for Democrat politicians, who allow borders to remain open and others to enter illegally. It’s just a numbers game!
Our task is to support all law enforcement agencies related to prevention and deportation of illegal immigration. We also need to pressure the justice system for a humane and faster method of handling requests from those families that desire to move to our Country for a better life. We need to do our research and endorse candidates who are for the rule of law and support the deporting of illegals back to their country of origin.
Keep in mind that our support needs to be vocal through protests, rallies, and write-in campaigns. Some states allow Sanctuary, which prevents local police from working with federal agents to deport the illegal offenders. Those Sheriff’s unwilling to enforce the federal deportation laws should be replaced. Every group that supports sanctuary city, state, churches, businesses, etc. need to be held accountable.

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