Criminal Justice Reform

Crime has risen across the country as leaders in blue states and cities defund the police, remove cash bail requirements, and loosen the level of a what constitutes a crime. The impact of these abhorrent decisions are people willing to break the law because the punishment does not deter it.
It was seen throughout the summer how BLM activist burned down buildings, physically attacked law enforcement and blocked people from going to work, not to mention the unknown threats, sexual assaults and drug abuse during these riots. There are plenty of examples of these steps not working from Minneapolis, Portland, New York City, Los Angeles, and others.
People who break the law need to be held accountable for that crime whether it requires incarceration, financial penalties, community service, or other ideas that lead to rehabilitation. Letting criminals off the hook will only increase crime and make those same individuals more likely to continue or escalate their bad behavior.
For those that cannot be rehabilitated, we need a proper justice system, so they do not tie up courts for 10-15 years appealing, and if the death penalty is warranted, then follow-through and completed the penalty phase. Forget the cushy lifestyle in jail regardless of how long you are incarcerated. It should be miserable to be jailed and hopefully that helps deter the behavior.
We also need to separate out people with mental disabilities because they need a doctor and medicine. Some need to be in a Government run hospital. We need to export illegal immigrants who break the law. Gangs are still prevalent, and more work needs to be done to reduce risk of young kids getting stuck in an environment where they have no choices.
There should not be a choice of which of the worst ones we let out. If we deport the illegal people who break the law, put mentally challenged in a state program, there will be plenty of space.
Our task is to vote for Sheriffs who have a track record of enforcing the law, district attorneys who will have a strong record of upholding the law and judges who will enforce the penalties related to the law.
Every two years judges are voted into office. Do your research and select judges who are tough on crime and use the Constitution as the rule of law. We now know the risk of not doing our job as citizens.

Candidate for Central Committee District #2


I’m a homemaker and mother of an Iraq War Veteran, married for 26 years, and blessed to have three children and two grandchildren. I have lived in Ventura County for over 26 years and love our country and the great state of California.

While working as a full-time manager and buyer in international trade, I simultaneously obtained a B.S. degree in business management from Pepperdine University. I’ve co-owned a franchise servicing hospitals with newborn photography and am growing my online corner store.  

I earned a Certificate of Graduation as a real-time reporter, having fulfilled NCRA’s (National Court Reporting Association) requirements from Tri-Community Adult School after doing the bulk of my training and education in stenography at Bryan College in Los Angeles.

Having served as the Ventura County Chair of the 2022 Freedom to Choose (School Choice) initiative and having managed and maintained a Recall Gavin Newsom Tent for nine months, I’m not only a common-sense Republican but an ACTIVE and COMMITTED Republican who will work hard and feverously to win local seats in our county.  

Our Path to Victory:
. Recruit Dedicated Candidates Who Share Our Values
. Support Our Candidates and Help Them Win
. Plan Outreach Events to Increase Republican Voter Registration, Volunteer  Participation, and Community Involvement.
. Work Together and Win Together

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