Our school systems are in a downward spiral at all levels. Many states are teaching children as young as 7 years old about things that parents should be responsible to teach, when the parents deem it ready to be taught, such as sexual education and social situations. Social indoctrination at the K-12 levels is being used to brainwash our children into false narratives that promote hatred to our country and each other.
Forced teaching formats, such as common core, have been proven to fail as our public school students continue to decline in their grades and knowledge, when compared to private schools and other countries. That is not the students or parents’ fault, that is the broken education system that has lost its purpose.
The colleges and universities have publicly denounced free speech of any ideas that are not in line with a leftist/socialist agenda. They teach about how bad our American past is and why we should be asking for forgiveness for anything that has happened in the past, including the start of our country. The professors, if you can call them that, have pushed their personal agenda onto our children for years. That is not what we are paying tens of thousands of dollars for nor should our taxpayer money go to fund these immoral and unethical establishments.
More recently, schools are forcing students to have an experimental vaccine to return to school, teaching to condemn white people as supremacists and racists without cause, and pushing families to abide by strict rules on using personal pronouns.
Our job is to fight for school choice vouchers, increase homeschooling programs and charter schools, and start dismantling the corrupt teachers’ unions. Stop donating to schools and programs if they are not fulfilling their duties to your children. Vote NO on EVERY tax measure for school improvement. And when time to vote, do research so you vote for a candidate that can begin to fix the system. You need to encourage the right people to run for office and back them with finances and legwork.
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