Election Integrity

Free and fair elections is what separates America from most other countries. The Constitution was setup so an “American citizen” votes individually for the candidates that represent their viewpoints. The combined viewpoints of a state are then represented in our state governments, and our federal government.
Voting is a privilege and deemed one of the corner stones of being a citizen, but not all states or counties enforce the laws to validate a person is a registered voter and an American citizen. This lack of enforcement opens voting to fraud and abuse. For decades people have been trying to cheat to win, but recently, with the “pandemic”, state legislatures and Governors changed the laws so that massive mail in ballots would be sent out.
Some states have voter ID requirements, where others “trust” the person is a citizen. Some states allow illegal harvesting methods where someone can pick up a voter’s form and turn it in for them. Some states have clean voter rolls so dead people and convicted criminals do not get to vote. Right now, our government is trying to force HR1 through the system which further damages our Constitutional right to free and fair elections.
In 2020, the voting machines were even put on the internet which allowed interference and hacking to take place. There is proof of all of these things and when we vote in the right judges and elected officials for state offices, they will be fixed. We have already started seeing state legislatures close the loopholes and tighten up the regulations for many of these. But what have you seen from that? You have seen the progressive left publicly boycott states, businesses and make unwarranted claims in an effort to scare voters into doing nothing.
If we want change, we need to force that change and we do that with our money, lawsuits, and how we vote. Do not let others tell you the 2020 election was fair and free. It was nothing even similar to that. It was corrupt and we need to stop it for the future.
Our task is to vote in people with a backbone who can stand up against a bully and fight for Americans and our Constitution. WE NEED TO BOYCOTT those companies that are trying to use their leverage and money to prevent securing our free and fair elections. WE NEED A BACKBONE to change our lifestyle so that boycotts work.
Do you still watch professional baseball and basketball? Still purchase Nike sneakers? Have you switched away from drinking Coke? Would you still fly on Spirit Airlines because of cheap airfare? Shop at Bed Bath & Beyond?
Start now if you want to fix things for the future. One way to get your word heard is to send emails to those companies, post on their social media accounts about how you feel and where your money is going until they make a correction. Check out our list of companies to boycott.

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