Lori Mills

Candidate for Central Committee District #4

Dedicated to community service and driven by a passion for positive change, I am honored to announce my candidacy for The Ventura County GOP Central Committee.

With a proven track record as a consumer advocate as a Real Estate Consultant with Berkshire Hathaway, I bring a wealth of experience in navigating complex issues and finding practical solutions. My involvement in key committees, including the Grievance Committee and Professional Development Committee at The Conejo Moorpark Simi Board of Realtors, reflects my commitment to addressing challenges and fostering growth in our community.

Beyond my real estate expertise, my journey in public service extends to political activism. As the ex-officio 2022 Nominee for the California State Assembly and a CAGOP delegate, I am dedicated to representing the interests of our community at the highest levels of government. My role in the Donald Trump for President fundraising team demonstrates my commitment to supporting candidates that align with our shared values. I also worked on the Ron Paul Campaign for President in 2011.

A seasoned radio show host for “Uncover California,” I understand the power of communication in shaping public opinion. This experience, coupled with my past roles as the California Republican Assembly VP in Simi Valley and board member of the Camarillo Republican Women’s Federated, has equipped me with a comprehensive understanding of our community’s needs and our party’s shortcomings. As a candidate, I am eager to leverage this background to amplify voices, address concerns, and work collaboratively towards a brighter future for our constituents. Together, let’s build a stronger, more vibrant community.

Candidate for Central Committee District #2


I’m a homemaker and mother of an Iraq War Veteran, married for 26 years, and blessed to have three children and two grandchildren. I have lived in Ventura County for over 26 years and love our country and the great state of California.

While working as a full-time manager and buyer in international trade, I simultaneously obtained a B.S. degree in business management from Pepperdine University. I’ve co-owned a franchise servicing hospitals with newborn photography and am growing my online corner store.  

I earned a Certificate of Graduation as a real-time reporter, having fulfilled NCRA’s (National Court Reporting Association) requirements from Tri-Community Adult School after doing the bulk of my training and education in stenography at Bryan College in Los Angeles.

Having served as the Ventura County Chair of the 2022 Freedom to Choose (School Choice) initiative and having managed and maintained a Recall Gavin Newsom Tent for nine months, I’m not only a common-sense Republican but an ACTIVE and COMMITTED Republican who will work hard and feverously to win local seats in our county.  

Our Path to Victory:
. Recruit Dedicated Candidates Who Share Our Values
. Support Our Candidates and Help Them Win
. Plan Outreach Events to Increase Republican Voter Registration, Volunteer  Participation, and Community Involvement.
. Work Together and Win Together

Let’s Be a Winning Team
Vote SHERYL HALL in the March 5th Primary Election