Petition for Removal of Ventura County Resolution 21-042
In 2021, the progressive led majority initiated a resolution about the January 6th event at the U.S. Capital that that has been proven inaccurate. We ask you to sign the petition so we may submit a formal request to the current Board of Supervisors demonstrating the importance of history to the residents of Ventura County and to withdraw the resolution in its entirety.
The Ventura County Board of Supervisors (2021) acted in poor judgement creating a Resolution without any due diligence or fact checking while representing the residents of Ventura County. Resolution #21-105 was crafted within just six days of the January 6th U.S. Capitol event taking place. The initial Resolution was immediately rescinded when community feedback revealed inaccuracies, assumptions, and false statements in the Resolution. A second revision 21-042 of the Resolution was passed despite public comments suggesting the Board refrain until facts became known. .
In the past two years since the Resolution was approved, investigations by various sources throughout the country have proven the premature decision of the Board of Supervisors was an incorrect one. Congressional hearings, video footage, discovery from ongoing cases, officer testimonials, and eyewitness accounts all clearly demonstrate there was not a coordinated violent attack on the Capitol by some white supremacist insurrectionists on Jan. 6 as the Board claimed.
On the contrary, from video footage, sworn testimony and discovery, over forty undercover law enforcement assets, officers, special agents, and informants have been identified at the Capitol on Jan. 6 disguised as Trump supporters, some agitating the crowd, breaking down barricades, and otherwise inciting violence. The undercover agents and their assets are caught on film; they are not, however, caught locked up in the DC “gulag” rotting away like the hundreds of Jan. 6 political prisoners currently held in horrendous conditions, many in solitary confinement, isolated for weeks, denied medical care, denied access to counsel and denied the right to a speedy trial.
Further evidence including Capitol video surveillance has been brought forth over the past two years documenting FBI agents and US Capitol officers assisting protestors into the US Capitol, as seen holding the door open for protestors, showing them into rooms, and allowing them easy passage.
The results of the past two years of investigations have proven the foundation for this Resolution was made without facts. The Board’s Resolution is an embarrassing false narrative seeped in political spin; its claims are demonstrably unsubstantiated, untrue, unjust, and unacceptable. The citizens of Ventura County demand the Board of Supervisors immediately withdraw Resolution 21-042.

Petition for Removal of Ventura County Resolution 21-042

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WHEREAS, the United States Capitol building, which houses the meeting chambers of the House of Representatives and the Senate, stands as a monument to the American people and our open, transparent, and Democratic government; and
WHEREAS, on January 6, 2021, a group of insurrectionists physically attacked the U.S. Capitol in an attempt to prevent a peaceful transfer of power; and,
WHEREAS, we condemn the actions of the coordinators of the insurrection, which included white supremacists and anti-Semitics, who led the attack to overthrow American Democracy; and,
WHEREAS, we unequivocally denounce the mob who overran the seat of our Government, who violently overtook the Capitol Police; and,
WHEREAS, we further confirm our commitment to uphold and defend the Constitution from those who would attempt to undo by force a free and fair election, and while we honor and respect our Constitutional rights of freedom of speech and assembly, such rights do not give anyone the right to resort to violence, sedition, or insurrection.
NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Ventura County Board of Supervisors condemns in the strongest possible terms those who tried to overthrow the results of a free and fair election by violently attacking the United States Capitol, our Constitution, and our Nation

Candidate for Central Committee District #2


I’m a homemaker and mother of an Iraq War Veteran, married for 26 years, and blessed to have three children and two grandchildren. I have lived in Ventura County for over 26 years and love our country and the great state of California.

While working as a full-time manager and buyer in international trade, I simultaneously obtained a B.S. degree in business management from Pepperdine University. I’ve co-owned a franchise servicing hospitals with newborn photography and am growing my online corner store.  

I earned a Certificate of Graduation as a real-time reporter, having fulfilled NCRA’s (National Court Reporting Association) requirements from Tri-Community Adult School after doing the bulk of my training and education in stenography at Bryan College in Los Angeles.

Having served as the Ventura County Chair of the 2022 Freedom to Choose (School Choice) initiative and having managed and maintained a Recall Gavin Newsom Tent for nine months, I’m not only a common-sense Republican but an ACTIVE and COMMITTED Republican who will work hard and feverously to win local seats in our county.  

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