Our Vision

The vision is simple. It’s to make sure California gets back on track to being fair to everyone, not just the progressive agenda. It doesn’t matter your political affiliation, race, color or lifestyle, we strive for the same thing which is to be treated fairly and have the opportunity for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Sure we have differences, but that’s what makes it exciting when you meet someone new.
If you find yourself watching TV, listening to the news, or reading the paper and asking yourself “how in the world can this be right”, then you are in the majority. You can change what happens. We can change what happens.
The way to positive change is to hold elected officials accountable immediately when something is done wrong, and when it is time to vote, know the candidate values.
Our vision is for you to get off the sidelines and join “Move The Needle” and help us fix what’s broken. Sign up today.

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